EZ LADDER® Toolkit Software is a powerful and easy to use ladder diagram structured text Windows based development platform.  EZ LADDER Toolkit provides the complete tools necessary for the development, programming and monitoring of ladder diagram projects for Divelbiss PLC on a Chip™ based products. EZ LADDER® is a graphical interface for placing ladder objects, function blocks and links to create a complete ladder diagram program for use on Divelbiss PLC on a Chip™ and PLC on a Chip™ based Programmable Logic Controllers. EZ LADDER Toolkit® supports Structured Text for developing custom functions and function blocks.

EZ LADDER® is the complete toolkit that provides tools to develop the ladder diagrams and structured text, download it to any PLC on a Chip™ based hardware including Harsh Environment Controllers (HECs) and Versatile Base Series Controllers (VBs) , and monitor its operation in real time.

The EZ LADDER® software family includes an off-line ladder diagram / software installer, EZ LADDER Loader. The EZ LADDER Loader allows for creation of executable programs (.exe) that include the ladder diagram and or target kernels. that may be downloaded / installed to PLC on a Chip™ hardware with just a serial port and a computer without having EZ LADDER Toolkit or viewing the actual ladder diagram. This is an ideal way to provide program updates to customers while protecting intellectual property (software).


  • Windows based, Graphical Interface
  • One Programming Platform for All PLC on a Chip based Products
  • Ladder Diagram and Structured Text Native Creation and Editing
  • Real Time Monitoring and Debugging Tools
  • Customizable Reports
  • Off-Line Loader EXE Software Creation Tools

EZ LADDER Toolkit, a powerful Windows based ladder diagram and structured text programming platform for all Divelbiss PLC on a Chip based products. With over 90 function blocks and custom function and function block creation using structured text.

EZ LADDER Loader Software is a utility program that creates executable programs (.exe) from existing EZ LADDER Toolkit programs and EZ LADDER Target kernels that can be used to distribute to update the software on products with only a computer with serial port and a programming cable.