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EZ LADDER® Toolkit is a Ladder Diagram development platform for all M-Series and P-Series PLC on a Chip™ based products including PLC on a Chip™ Integrated Circuits, PLC on a Chip™ Modules and PLC on a Chip™ based off-the-shelf Programmable Logic Controllers and control products such as Versatile Base (VB) Controllers, P-Series Bear Bones Controllers, Solves-It! Plug-in PLCs, Enhanced Baby Bear Controllers, PCS Controllers and Harsh Environment Controllers (HEC).

EZ LADDER® Toolkit is a Complete Ladder Diagram and Structured Text Software Development Tool with Real Time Monitoring and Reporting and makes programming in ladder diagram easy with point and click simplicity. Simply place instructions and function blocks and draw the connecting lines (rungs). With over 90 standard function blocks and instructions, EZ LADDER® Toolkit Software is easy to use and powerful.

EZ LADDER Toolkit (V1.1.0.0 or later) when used with P-Series PLC on a Chip Products supports Structured Text Programming with custom functions and function blocks

In addition to programming, EZ LADDER® Toolkit also provides real-time monitoring of the device or controller for program debugging. Detailed reports are provided for project documentation and troubleshooting.


  • Windows based, Graphical Interface
  • One Programming Platform for All PLC on a Chip based Products
  • Ladder Diagram and Structured Text Native Creation and Editing
  • Real Time Monitoring and Debugging Tools
  • Customizable Reports and Cross References
  • Over 90 Functions and Function Blocks

Standard Models

Model # Price
EZLDCD-01 $000.00