VB-2000 Series

Design for the outdoor and harsh environments, HEC-Gateway devices are programmable gateway interfaces that provide inter-communication between multiple devices including Serial RS232 (Modbus Master/Slave and Custom interface), Networks including SAE J1939, NMEA 2000 and Modbus TCP (Wi-Fi).

The HEC-Gateway supports Wi-Fi, providing flexibility for communications of mobile (wireless) applications. An optional cellular data modem provides a communications from mobile and remote locations where broadband / internet connections are not available. In addition to communications and networks, the HEC-Gateway also includes minimal Digital I/O and Analog I/O for direct connection to sensors, switches, indicators and solenoids.

The HEC-Gateway supports GPS functionality using the HEC-P5-GPS GPS module.

The VersaGateway is VersaCloud M2M enabled and provides for remote reporting, monitoring and control of remote devices and controllers (PLCs) from the cloud (VersaCloud M2M Portals) via Wi-Fi or Cellular Data. .

Series Features:

  • VersaCloud M2M (IOT) Enabled
  • Sealed, IP 67 Enclosure
  • Communications via CAN, Serial, Wi-Fi and Cellular
  • Networks include Modbus Master/Slave, J1939, NMEA 2000
  • SD Card Support
  • GPS Positioning via Optional External Module
  • 1 Digital Input / High Speed Counter Input - 1 Digital/PWM Output
  • 2 Analog Inputs
  • Programmable with EZ LADDER Toolkit - Ladder Diagram / Structured Text

Standard Models

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Model # Price
HEC-GW-C-W $1086.00
HEC-GW-C-X $831.00
HEC-GW-X-W $597.00
HEC-GW-X-X $376.00


HEC-GW-C-W: Wi-Fi, Cellular Data, Serial Port, Optional GPS Module Compatible
HEC-GW-C-X: Cellular Data, Serial Port, Optional GPS Module Compatible
HEC-GW-X-W: Wi-Fi, Serial Port, Optional GPS Module Compatible
HEC-GW-X-X: Serial Port, Optional GPS Module Compatible
Wi-Fi, GPS Positioning, Cellular Data
GPS Positioning, Cellular Data
Wi-Fi, GPS Positioning
GPS Positioning