P-Series Bear Bones

P-Series Bear Bones Controllers are available with many options including AC or DC power and AC or DC digital I/O. Additional features include analog I/O and an operating temperature of -40° to 80°C, making it ideal for many applications including machine control. I/O is expandable using P-Series Bear Bones I/O Expanders that expand I/O in groups of 8 digital inputs and 8 digital outputs.

Series Features:

  • AC or DC Input Power Models
  • AC or DC, 8 Digital Inputs (Sink or Source) / 8 Digital Outputs
  • I/O Expandable via Daisy Chain Expansion I/O Modules
  • Up to 8 Field Configurable Analog Channels (0-5V / 0-10V / 0-20mA) Standard
  • Up to 1 Analog Field Configurable (DAC) Outputs Standard
  • J1939 / NMEA 2000 / Modbus Master-Slave Networking
  • CAN and ETHERNET Communications
  • Cellular, Wi-Fi and GPS Positioning via Plug-in Expansion
  • IoT Enabled, Local Webserver
  • Ladder Diagram / Structured Text Programming with EZ LADDER Toolkit
  • Sub Plate Mount

Standard Models

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Model # Price
ICM-BB-P13-30 $408.00
ICM-BB-P13-31 $385.00
ICM-BB-P13-40 $490.00
ICM-BB-P13-41 $464.00


P1330: Ethernet, DC Power and I/O
P1331: Wi-Fi via Plug-in Expansion, DC Power and I/O
P1340: Ethernet, AC Power and I/O
P1341: Wi-Fi via Plug-in Expansion, AC Power and I/O