Divelbiss offers pre-configured, pre-programmed product solutions for multiple applications, situations and vertical markets. These off-the-shelf products are easy to configure and use, but provide additional flexibility as needed. All the applied products are based on Divelbiss standard products offerings with customized hardware and / or software configurations.

Each applied product includes everything you need to integrate and get started including manuals, wiring diagrams and many times the actual software is provided to allow for customization if so desired.

Applied Product Solutions Benefits:

  • Off-the-Shelf Pre-Programmed Solution
  • Variety of Applications and Solutions
  • Easy to Implement and Configure
  • Flexible and allows for Customization

Based on the Solves-it! Plug-in PLC, the Solves-It! Application Modules are pre-programmed to solve common control industry control needs including timing, counting, hour metering, pump alternating, analog range comparison, tachometer and analog dead band.