Extended Temperature Range PLCs for Harsh Areas. Sealed to withstand washdown areas and ideal for Electrohydraulic control and mobile applications. Digital Inputs / Digital Outputs, Serial Communciations, CAN ports and PWM Outputs.

Designed for in-panel mounting, the open-board format combines power control features with a lower cost point. These controllers can operate over extended operating temperatures, have digital inputs and outputs, and include powerful communications including Ethernet, Wi-Fi, J1939 and more.

The Solves-It! is a fully-featured plug-in PLC that fits an industry standard 11-pin octal socket. The Solves-It! is ideal where versatility, small size and features such as Digital Inputs, Digital Outputs, Counter Input, Analog Inputs, Programmable LEDs, Programmable Push-buttons, Real Time Clock and 7-Segment Display are required.

The PLC on a Chip is ladder logic programmable, embedded programmable logic controller (PLC) in on integrated circuit (chip). Easy to implement and use, the PLC on a Chip is a powerful customized PLC solution. It is available in Chip, Module and has development kits to get started quickly.

These products are designed or programmed as solutions to specific industry or application needs. Each is pre-programmed and requires minor configuration for implementation.

EZ LADDER® Toolkit is a Windows based Ladder Diagram / Structured Text Development Software package for development, programming and monitoring of ladder diagram projects for Divelbiss PLC on a Chip™ based products and controllers. 

Education Tools for basic PLC education at both the personal level (personal study) and organized technical teaching levels. The tools include the hardware, software and coursework to learn the basics of PLCs.

When the best product solution is a custom one, our design team works with you from concept through the design, providing you with insight and experience regarding product features and functionality. Divelbiss has the expertise to design a custom product to your specific I/O, HMI, Analog I/O and other peripheral requirements. No custom design is too big or too small.

From controller concept through delivery, Divelbiss works with you each step of the way, including design, software, prototypes, testing, agency approvals and production.