Doran MFG: TPMS Integration

Doran Manufacturing and Divelbiss Corporation have introduced an innovative TPMS WiFi integration solution for OTR vehicles and equipment to help reduce monthly charges from cellular or satellite data fees for each vehicle. Reduce tire repair and maintenance costs, make fleet air checks more efficient, and improve overall safety through this innovative integration which transfers tire pressure / temperature data and alarms from tires on OTR vehicles to your fingertips through the use of WiFi communication.

Doran MFG TPMS Integration - How it Works

The Doran 360™ TPMS Hub is connected to the Divelbiss HEC Gateway via J1939 wiring harness. The Doran Hub receives updated tire pressure/temperature data and alarms and feeds this data to the HEC Gateway using J1939 data protocol.

When the vehicles enters into a paired WiFi hotspot, the HEC Gateway uploads the stored Doran data to the cloud through WiFi connection, and the data is then visible in a customer-specific secured web portal.

The Doran 360™ TPMS Hub is mounted on the equipment and receives tire pressure and temperature data from the programmed tire pressure sensors installed on each tire.

Valve stem mounted Doran tire pressure sensors continuously read tire pressure and temperature data. The data is transmitted from the sensor via RF communication to the Doran TPMS Hub

The 360SLT™ SmartLink Tablet

The Doran SmartLink™ TPMS tablet is used to program Equipment ID# and tire pressure sensor information to the Doran TPMS Hub.

Using the built-in OneClick™ Technology, the Tablet can also read and store tire pressure data from the TPMS Hub to increase the accuracy, improve safety and make air checks more efficient.

TPMS Display

Doran offers an optional digital LCD display which can be mounted inside the cab to provide current tire pressures for each wheel position.The monitor will also deliver both visual and audible alerts for low pressures and high temperatures.

For additional information, Contact Doran @ 1-866-816-7233

Divelbiss VersaCloud™ M2M WiFi Components

The Divelbiss HEC Gateway connects to the Doran TPMS Hub with a J1939 wiring harness to receive the tire pressure and temperature data. The Divelbiss HEC Gateway transmits the Doran TPMS data onto a paired WiFi network and into the cloud. The Gateway can also receive data from the cloud portal.

A customer-specific secured web portal can be accessed to see current and historical tire pressure/temperature data and alarms. The portal may be configured to send alerts via text message (SMS) or email to multiple recipients. Cloud storage and portal access require a contract and payment for data/hosting fees.

For reliable, extreme duty WiFi coverage, 120v or solar powered WiFi Data Collection Points are available.

control unit
solar powered