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In an effort to make learning PLC application and programming more affordable, the Divelbiss Technical Services Group developed this training course for use by educators. The basic outline closely mirrors the material presented when providing training for our industrial customers. The hardware items are the same products being used worldwide in commercial and industrial control applications.

The study outline is comprised of 16 blocks which, taken in order, build on one another to teach the basics of PLCs in addition to programming a controller using ladder logic with function block. The course is designed for hands-on study using standard hardware manufactured by Divelbiss.

To achieve the optimum benefit from this study course, each student will have a personal trainer in addition to the textbook, workbook, equipment manuals and software provided on USB. This helps maximizes time for teaching as opposed to programs where resources need to be shared and/or scheduled. Portability helps make this a practical solution.


  • Hands-On Training with PLC and Software
  • Includes Hardware, Software and Coursework
  • Teacher and Student Kits Available

Course Chapter Titles

I. PLC & Control - An Overview

II. PLC/Control Digital I/O Circuits

III. PLC/Control Wiring Practices

IV. PLC Programming Basics

V. Basic Circuits

VI. Timer Circuits

VII. Counter Circuits

VIII. Analog Circuits w/Math

IX. Comparison Circuits

X. Bit Manipulation Circuits

XI. Trigger & Latching Circuits

XII. Memory Types & Circuits

XIII. Drum Sequencer Circuits

XIV. Displaying Control Values

XV. Variable Conversion Circuits

XVI. Putting it all Together

Standard Models

Model # Price
ETS-KIT-TEACH-001 Consult Factory
ETS-KIT-STDNT-001 Consult Factory