Electronic & Mechanical Assembly

Whether you need a small electronic sub-assemby or complete product assembly, Divelbiss Corporation has the manufacturing capabilities to fit your needs. We offer complete assembly, including: Printed Circuit Boards, Printed Circuit Board Assemblies, Mechanical Assemblies, and Complete Product Assembly.

Divelbiss manufactures to IPC-A-610 standards and is ISO-9001:2015 with Design Certified.

Need your product or sub-assembly tested? No Problem. We offer testing to meet your requirements.

Printed Circuit Board Assembly & Contract Manufacturing Services

Divelbiss Corporation offers contract assembly of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) in addition to standard and OEM product manufacturing. We provide complete Printed Circuit Board Assembly services for both Thru-Hole and Surface Mount Technology (SMT). With over 40 years of Printed Circuit Board Assembly experience and a commitment to quality, Divelbiss Corporation has the right manufacturing solution for your needs.

Our manufacturing operates an SMT line that can handle any volume from low to high providing a high-quality electronic printed circuit board assembly. In addition to SMT, Divelbiss offers manufacturing for legacy electronic thru-hole technology. SMT, thru-hole, RoHS or Non-RoHS, Divelbiss has the capabilities as a one-stop manufacturing facility. No Printed Circuit Board Assembly is too big or too small.

Why we are different than your typical Contract Manufacturer 

We are a one-stop engineering and manufacturing source. Divelbiss Corporation maintains in-house engineers and staff to support from both  design and manufacturing / assembly needs. Our Engineering provides expertise for product improvements, concerns and product longevitiy by sourcing alternative components. Our engineering also supports product longevity by partial to full re-designs of products should components become obsolete or unavailable.                        


  • Low to High Volume PCB Assembly
  • Thru-Hole Assembly
  • Surface Mount Assembly (SMT)
  • Double-sided PCB Assembly
  • Sub-assembly Manufacturing
  • Non-RoHS and RoHS Assembly
  • Conformal Coating and Encapsulation
  • Automated Screen Printing, Component Gluing, Pick and Place assembly, and Selective Soldering
  • Automated Inspection (AOI)
  • Panel Design & Assembly

Control Panel Design, Control Panel Assembly, Box Building, Wiring & Cabling

From simple control boxes or panels to complex, pneumatic or even purged panels for hazardous locations, Divelbiss Corporation is your one-stop panel shop. We have manufacturing control panels of all sizes since 1974. Our panel assembly services include panel layout, panel modification, component mounting, wiring, marking and testing.

Whether you have a panel design and need it manufactured, or have a basic panel need without a design, Divelbiss can provide all the services necessary from component specifications to a finished control panel.

Divelbiss has the capability to modify enclosures, mount electrical and pneumatic devices and wire the box / panel to your specifications. We manufacture to IPC-A-610 standards and are ISO-9001:2015 with Design Certified.

Automated SMT Line
Selective Soldering
Panel and Subplate Manufacturing