Micro Bear Controller

The Micro Bear Controllers are fully-featured single board controllers with an operating temperature of 0° to 60°C. The Micro Bear controllers features include digital inputs, relay outputs, a counter input and analog inputs making it a cost-effective control solution for OEMs to standardize on. Model dependent features expand analog inputs and provide a simple, yet effective push-button and display interface.

Series Features:

  • Small Foot Print
  • 6 Digital Inputs / 4 Relay Outputs - 2 DPDT, 2 Form C
  • High Speed Counter
  • Analog Input
  • Push Button / 7 Segment Display HMI Interface
  • Ladder Diagram Programming with EZ LADDER Toolkit
  • Sub Plate Mount, Snap Track Mounting

Standard Models

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Model # Price
ICM-MB-100 $104.00
ICM-MB-110 $160.00


MB100: No Options
MB110: Push Button & 7 Segment Display HMI, Additional Two Analog Inputs