Solves-It! Applications Modules

Solves-It! Module

Solves-It! Application Modules are pre-programmed, plug-in modules for specific applications. These are based on the Solves-It! Plug-in PLC and provide easy to implement application solutions for common industry needs (Timing, Sequencing, Counting and more).

Each Solves-It! Application Module is pre-programmed from the factory, but with the purchase of a programming cable and use of our EZ LADDER® Toolkit software, the application program can be changed or modified as needed allowing for complete software customization to your needs. Just download the application software, make your modifications and load the new program into the application module.


  • 0° to 60°C Operating Temperature
  • Pluggable - Industry Standard 11 Pin Octal Socket
  • Pre-programmed - Software Available for Customization
  • Easy to Program using EZ LADDER Toolkit Software - Ladder diagram / Structured Text

Standard Models

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2-PUMP ALTERNATE: Controls alternation of 2 Pumps when pumping is required.
3-PUMP ALTERNATE: Controls alternation of 3 Pumps when pumping is required.
DEADBAND: Compares an analog input signal to a dead band range with outputs above, below and in dead band.
HOUR METER: Hour meter with alarm set points and outputs.
MULTI-COUNT: Counter Module with 3 Channels sourced by the same input with individual set points, reset inputs and outputs.
RANGE COMPARE: Compares an analog input signal to two set points with outputs in range, above range and below range.
TACHOMETER: Tachometer with RPM calculation with 4 set points and 4 alarm outputs. Based on 60 tooth gear (changeable).
TIMES 4: 4 Timer channels as on-delay or off-delay; each with Enable and controlled output.