VersaCloud M2M from Divelbiss is a complete, seamless end to end, machine to machine Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) solution. VersaCloud M2M solutions cover each area needed for remote control and / or monitoring of machinery and equipment, regardless of where the equipment is located; from the factory floor to remote sites. VersaCloud M2M solutions include interface hardware (Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and Programmable Communications Gateways), communications links (Ethernet, WI-FI and cellular data including cellular data coverage plans) and an exclusive cloud portal with drag and drop features to allow you to customize and personalize multiple dash board pages for your exact needs.

VersaCloud M2M IIOT solutions are ideal for factory floor equipment monitoring and data gathering, remote location control, data gathering and on-event alerts and for remote control and monitoring of construction equipment, mobile equipment or marine applications. VersaCloud hardware supports multiple networks for complete communications to SAE J1939 network systems such as engines and NMEA 2000 communications for marine networks.

If you need to monitor it, control it or act upon conditions from it, VersaCloud has the solution. Versacloud M2M enabled Programmable Logic Controllers and Gateways program using Divelbiss EZ LADDER® Toolkit and interface to the VersaCloud M2M Cloud using versatile, but easy to use function blocks within the ladder diagram.

VersaCloud Portals:

VersaCloud M2M Cloud and Cloud Portals are the central hub for activity between the actual equipment ( IIOT Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and IIOT Programmable Communications Gateways) and the user. Each portal account is exclusive, personalized and it provides secure log-in credentials with multiple user logins and multiple account level options. Each VersaCloud M2M portal may contain multiple dashboard pages as needed and each dashboard is customizable to the user’s specific needs using drag-and drop widgets. Dashboards may be public or private as required and may be accessed by any internet device such as a computer, tablet or smart-phone.

The VersaCloud M2M Portals allow for monitoring of stored data or current control parameters as needed. Data logs may be exported for off-portal mining. Custom API interfaces are available for direct link to data and parameters without using the portal’s dashboard web interface. The portal may be configured to send alerts via text message (SMS) or email to multiple recipients based on actual events received by controllers or gateways; such as texting maintenance personnel if a fault is detected from remotely connected equipment via VersaCloud M2M enabled hardware.

GPS / Location Mapping:

VersaCloud M2M provides the ability to track mobile equipment. Controllers with GPS features can report and map the location of mobile equipment, which is ideal for mobile equipment that is leased or rented. The portal would even allow the possibility of disabling the equipment as needed for situations such as failure of payment, etc.

Dashboard Widgets:

The VersaCloud M2M exclusive cloud portal with drag and drop features allow you to customize and personalize multiple dash board pages for your exact application needs. Using these widgets, the remote equipment (using the VersaCloud enabled controllers or gateway) can be controlled remotely. Interaction from the user at the portal is received by the remote equipment and acted upon based on the ladder diagram / structured text program operating on the controller / gateway. The VersaCloud Portal / Dashboards support custom widgets.

VersaCloud M2M Portals Dash Page Widgets include:

  • Switches / Sliders
  • CheckPoint
  • Bar Charts
  • Blog Widget
  • Gauges
  • Line Plotting
  • Location Mapping (using GPS)
  • Status / Indicator Lights
  • Event List / Log
  • Tabular Report
  • Image Box
  • Custom Widgets