Application Note: AN-102 - Time Delay on Dropout - TDDO

A 'Time Delay on Drop-Out Relay' is a useful application when you desire to have a device (output) delay turning off based upon a signal from another source (input). When the input (signal) senses a false to true transition, the device (output) will turn on (true). When the input (signal) senses a true to false transition, a timer will begin timing. When the timer reaches it's pre-programmed setpoint value, the output (device) is then turned off. The output will remain true as long as the input is true. At any point during the timing cycle, if the input goes true, the timer will stop and the output will remain true.

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AN-102.pdf, Application Programs AN-102_EBB.dld, AN-102_HEC.dld, AN-102_PCS.dld, AN-102_SI.dld