Application Note: AN-103 - Drum Sequencer

A drum sequencer is a powerful function to control multiple channel states (outputs or internal control relays) based upon a pre-designed 'sequence' of operation for the devices. The drum sequencer is programmed with multiple steps, similar to a spreadsheet. Each row represents a 'step' of the drum sequencer and for each step, each column represents the channel ('state of the device or channel to be 0 or 1'). When the drum sequencer is active (enabled), for each pulse or low to high to low transition, the drum sequnce will index to the next 'step' and all the devices states will change accordingly. After the last step, the drum sequencer resets and starts from step 1.

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AN-103.pdf, Application Programs AN-103_EBB.dld, AN-103_HEC.dld, AN-103_PCS.dld, AN-103_SI.dld