EZ usb

The EZ LADDER Loader gives the OEM flexibility for deploying EZ LADDER® Toolkit application and software updates to end-customers. With a previously created EZ LADDER program, using this tool, the OEM can create an executable file (.exe) that can be delivered to a customer as a way to update the OEM's ladder program at the on the actual hardware target (Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) or device at the customer's site.

With just a programming cable and PC, the OEM's customer can run the executable file and update the actual controller or hardware connected. The end-customer cannot view the ladder diagram or any of the software updates, protecting your intellectual property.

The EZLD-LDR-01 includes options for controlling updates based on Version, Filename and more.


  • Windows based, Graphical Interface
  • Easy to Use
  • Configurable Criteria for When to Update / Install
  • Does not Allow Viewing of Ladder Diagram

Standard Models

Model # Price
EZLD-LDR-01 $000.000